Essentialism Could be the Answer to Avoiding Decision Fatigue

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ENTREPRENEURS, ESSENTIALISM, MARKETING, BUSINESS-TIPS, DECISION-MAKING, PROBLEM-SOLVING,2Leaders, faced with stressful and difficult decisions every single day, can easily fall victim to decision fatigue. It isn’t necessarily true that a strong leader will be able to “muscle through” decision after decision; at some point, the quality of choices made begins to deteriorate.

Instead of letting stress and fatigue send you into a downward spiral, take a closer look at the root of the problem and search for a solution. One possible way to reduce your stress load is essentialism.

Ronald Reagan once said, “There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers.” This is essentialism’s defining characteristic. Essentialism dates back to Ancient Greek philosophy, when Aristotle and Plato asserted that every entity has a few core traits that define its existence. To apply essentialist thought to a decision, or other situation, strip the problem down to its most basic aspects, leaving any unnecessary or unhelpful information out of the equation.

Another important step in reducing stress and decision-related fatigue is to zero in on your business’ ethos, purpose, and driving inspiration, or as Chris Meyers of Forbes calls it, your “God particle.” This step is helpful in identifying a starting point when making a decision or solving a problem, and can help you to more easily make crucial decisions. Keeping your “God particle” at the center of all you do in your business will ensure that you approach each situation with a sure sense of purpose and direction.

Meyers suggests a three-step system to implement essentialism into your business practices. Having a set, straightforward system will help you make decisions quickly and efficiently, without wearing yourself down mentally.

Step 1:
Determine if the situation you’re faced with aligns with your company’s core values. If not, the simple answer is not to do it.

Step 2:
Identify the most likely outcome and the worst possible outcome. If you are comfortable with both outcomes, and think your company can handle the worst-case scenario, then move forward.

Step 3:
Weigh the costs and the benefits of the situation. Is it worth your time, manpower, money, and other resources? If you think the benefits outweigh the costs, move forward and stick to your decision. Second guessing yourself will only cause more stress and mental fatigue in the long run.
Everyone struggles with decision fatigue at one point or another. It is important engage in stress-reducing practices, to minimize mental fatigue in and out of the office. For entrepreneurs and hard-working professionals, essentialism is certainly worth a shot. For more insight, [Click Here].

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