5 Popular Digital Marketing Trends You Must Use in 2019

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Online, TV and print advertising are becoming more and more expensive and the competition to make your brand stand out is getting intense. As advancements in technology and new consumer behaviors grow and change, the digital marketing trends grow with them. Today, everything in the world of marketing and advertising is evolving rapidly. It’s important to keep up the pace with the latest trends in digital marketing to keep your business from dragging behind and being out of the loop. Here are 5 popular digital marketing trends you must use in 2019.

1. Creating Video Content

These days, many people tend to have the attention span of a pigeon with how fast they are browsing the web. Written content like emails and tweets have limitations and can easily be misinterpreted. With the visual cues in a video, it makes it easier for people to retain information. The use of body language, tone of voice and emotions keeps audiences more engaged.

Making video content that is simple, short, engaging and entertaining, but also tells a story, is one of the many marketing trends that isn’t going to die any time soon.

2. Invest in Mobile

Most of the web browsing that happens on a daily basis takes place on a mobile device. People are always on the move with their phone in hand, especially the ones who prefer to shop online.

Some companies don’t realize that the mobile version of their website or app is not as efficient as the normal desktop version. It is important to take note of the on-the-go web browsing trend and update these if needed or move to mobile to stay at the front of the competition.

3. Try Native Advertising

This is becoming more common and it’s a method that works. Native advertising is creating advertisements that blend in nicely with the web page, unlike a pop-up or banner that usually stands out to the side. People tend to trust native advertisements more and are less of a nuisance for viewers because they don’t completely interrupt their browsing experience.

4. Use Influencers

People value the opinions of others that they know and trust. For example, there are many social media influencers on YouTube and Instagram with millions of followers that listen to them and trust their opinion. If one influencer’s followers match your target market, you could contact that influencer and have them discuss your brand in a very natural way.

Their viewers would most likely prefer to hear the promotion of a product coming from their favorite influencer than from a radio or TV ad, which would probably be ignored.

5. Analyze Data

Observing data analytics can tell you loads of essential information about your consumers. This helps you understand the type of people that are attracted to your brand or products. Knowing things like their purchasing habits, general lifestyles, needs, and interests can help you tailor products that fit them specifically, expand your target market, and ultimately grow your business.


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