Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2019

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With a new year beginning it is time to look back at your digital marketing and decide what has worked and what has not. Every year you should be making sure you are keeping up with the changes in the industry and the new marketing trends. Digital marketing is a quick changing industry and if you are not changing with it you will fall behind. Here are a few tips to make sure your digital marketing is up to date and keeping up with your competitors.

Connect with your customers

The first step to connect with your customers through digital marketing is to make sure you sound like a person. No one wants to be talked at, especially if it feels like it’s from a robot. Then you have you have to understand who these customers are, what are their challenges and what do they want? Knowing who you are marketing to will help you understand what kind of techniques you need to use and what kind of content you should focus on. Finally, no one wants to feel like they are being bothered to buy something. Create micro-moments where the client can connect to you without it having anything to do with them making a purchase. This will make the customer feel like you care about them not just their money.

Build brand awareness

Creating a customer journey is important to make an interactive and well-crafted customer experience. Learn how customers become aware of your brand and how that leads to them buying your product or service. This will help construct your customer journey. Create a funnel to understand your goals for each stage. Often people look over the top of the funnel (TOFU) and do not create brand awareness but that is what builds the foundation of the customer journey. A great way to build brand awareness it to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram because it helps the customer learn about the brand in a more informal way.

Create quality content

It is not enough to produce the same content over and over again, it is important to mix things up to keep your audience engaged. One way to get your audience engaged is by making a giveaway. People like to get free stuff especially if they already love the brand or product. Have them enter by tagging a friend or re-sharing which will generate more brand awareness and spread your brand’s name. Another way to keep your audience engaged is by keeping your content simple and to the point. If your content is crowded it is easy for the audience to get overwhelmed and miss your main point. When trying to come up with new content keep an eye on your competitors work. You can see what methods they are doing and which of those are working and which are not.


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