Virtual Reality Paving the Technological Way

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Virtual reality, or as it is more commonly referred to as VR, is rising to become the latest and greatest in the technological universe. It has been quickly gaining ground throughout 2017 and is continually being worked on to create the most engaging experience.

What is VR exactly? In simple terms, it is a computer-generated environment that takes audio and high-end graphics to immerse the user and make them feel like what they are interacting with is real. Most of the time it requires a headset to enter the virtual reality world. Pokémon Go became the perfect trial for this marketing as the game appealed to adults and kids, encouraging them to go outside and hunt the imaginary creatures.

There are always new technologies being brought around, but BBN Times has predicted that VR will continue to greatly impact digital marketing. The ability to fully engage and connect with people to share an experience is a useful marketing tool for brands. Headsets, glasses, and phones with VR capabilities will allow users to discover new levels of interaction, like traveling the world from your own couch. Popular companies including Facebook, Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, and HTC have already begun investing in VR by building their own versions of headsets. They are the leading style for a VR experience right now, but more diverse forms of the technology are expected to come.

New games and products are quickly building around the idea of providing virtual reality. Global VR revenues have already hit the $7 billion mark this year with 65% of that coming from headset sales, 12% from consumer content, and Virtual Reality cameras bringing 11.6%. Tech Crunch has estimated that long-term business models for VR will begin focusing on hardware, e-commerce, and mobile data. But how did a little app help project one of the most revolutionary items in the technological world? And, how can it severely impact the marketing world?

To start, businesses can buy ad space, attracting customers and marketing to those searching for different Pokémon. Many reports showed that local businesses heavily favored from Pokémon Go as it created a more creative and interactive setting for content and adds. IKEA is already using VR to provide better customer service and developing tactics to use the technology to increase their sales.

Virtual reality is showing no intentions of fading out. Pretty soon, our every day-to-day experience could involve wearing glasses or headsets that can place us in any part of the world. Both the marketing and technology worlds have been drastically altered by this new arrival, and there’s no telling how things will go from here.


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