Why you Shouldn’t Depend on Other Platforms for your Marketing Strategies

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When managing online marketing strategies, we are all slaves to major platforms algorithmic changes. Google, Amazon, and Facebook all have a history of changing their formulas causing other businesses to lose their online presence. Don’t be a victim to these changes and choose to rely on your own online properties that way, you are not affected by changes made by online juggernauts like Google and Facebook.

How to use Channels as Tools

Use other platforms as a tool to lead customers to your own properties. Building your business on rented space is a quick way to be forgotten from the crowd when your using It as your primary source of online marketing. Instead, focus on using outlets like Facebook and Google to lead consumers to a website of your own design that way, you have direct control. Not only does having a website help you have a more identifiable online presence, but you are also not subject to every change that other platforms choose to make. It is inevitable that major platforms will continue to change their algorithms in search of improvement and efficiency, so having control of your own online source will help you continue to stay up to date and keep up with competitors.

Traditional Marketing Techniques of Yesterday Still Work

The traditional values of marketing that have worked in the past continue to hold true for today’s up and coming marketers. Adding value and focusing on your target demographic will express passion to potential clients, so don’t underestimate those traits! Your content should always provide education, entertainment or inspiration. Aiming to provide elements of all three should always be the goal in developing future content. Follow these tips and tricks and there is a strong chance that you will develop a strong bond with your customers and your brand so that they will continue to search for you even after you have provided services.

Marketers that focus on one channel are smart, but marketers that focus on more than one channel are smarter and typically more successful. While utilizing one tool has various benefits, diversifying your efforts into multiple channels is the most efficient way of gaining new clientele. Sure, some tools are better for more specific scenarios than others but don’t underestimate the power of email and SEO. Use channels to direct clients to your own hub.

 Create your Own Channels

If you don’t have your own media channel, now is a great time to start development on your own. Use other channels as a link to your own content. Now that cultural change changes faster than ever, having your own hub and social platform is even more important for today’s marketers. Use email signups and publish interesting and original content. Using text, video, and graphics can help your website stand out from the crowd. You also will have the advantage of using your very own Social Syndication Stack to increase consumer awareness.

Using these strategies cohesively should aid your company in keeping up with this never-ending tide of technological evolution. Sure, the market can be rough at times, but if you use these simple steps to help get you started, having a successful and safe marketing strategy doesn’t have to be as complex as it seems at first glance.


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