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Online Marketing trends have begun to develop over the past couple of years, and if you are an entrepreneur these days, it may be necessary to change tactics if you’re expecting to surpass your competition. The first step to adapting to the situation is to realize that the leads and gaining clients, while still essential, aren’t necessarily enough to receive a return on your investments anymore and creating a marketing funnel is not sufficient to help you progress your marketing services to the next level. In truth, what stomps other methods by far today is the ability to create trust and intimacy with clients whom, based on needs are the most relevant to do business with your business. The power of persuasion is now more pertinent than ever before in helping build healthy long lasting relationships.


Intimacy, Why it’s Important

While collecting email addresses is nice, the marketing strategies that succeed in 2018 are the approaches that value the significance of intimacy and relevance more than anything else. Previously the answer to fruitful marketing campaigns came from the ability to have the biggest email lists and the largest number of leads, however, that is no longer the case. In 2018, those who pay attention to the significance of relevancy will have the highest rate of success. The short answer of how to accomplish this is to recognize when the perfect storm occurs, and the right opportunities show themselves. Knowing when the right time to help the clients who are most in need is a handy skill to help you ensure marketing success in 2018.


Getting your Name Out There

The name of the game back in the day was all about gaining attention. Getting your name out there and having just the right amount of recognition to get the job done was enough. Now, in 2018 the situation is no longer that.  The name of the game is still to gain attention, but it is the execution that has changed. Making the most out of the attention you acquire is a strategy that will help you stay viable without spending a ridiculous amount of cash on advertising or marketing. Your focus should always be with attaining your client’s loyalty. Spending a large portion on large ad campaigns for the sake of it will not net you a return. Instead, spending money strategically on marketing strategies that are relevant to your clients is a more appropriate way to net an income.


How Tai Lopez does it Right

Regardless of whether you admire Tai Lopez or not, keep in mind that his methods for success as far as gaining attention is concerned are unarguably successful. The man appears everywhere online! Being omnipresent like Tai Lopez should be the feat you should strive for. Your omnipresence ensures you to become the best tool for the job in the eyes of your day to day audience, a fundamental skill for building trust amongst your customer base.


Don’t stick to One or Two Platforms!

One of the biggest changes in marketing tactics in 2018 is how platforms will work for you. The days where one or two media platforms were enough to keep you afloat are now over. The good news? It is now easier than ever to have multipurpose content that can be used or adapted for different media platforms. There are now more tools than ever to spread the word giving you a greater chance to become more noteworthy. Social media outlets, websites, and podcasts are all effective ways to help build trust in the audience as well as keep them informed on what is to come. So be sure to keep these tactics in mind, and there is no doubt that your marketing strategies will be successful.



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