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Digital marketing has seen a severe increase in 2017, and there are no signs of it slowing down in 2018. To stay ahead of the game, there are several marketing trends that one would be advised to think about. These five are a great place to start!

Keep it Personal:

Exposure to advertising is a daily occurrence. Now, with new forms of technology, it has only become more common. This impact has people not just tired of all the advertisements but caused them to engage with ones that are more reputable or sophisticated. Making something personal allows for the up and coming entrepreneur and potential customers to have more personalized engagements while diverting their attention to a business that can appreciate the individuality of a person’s taste.

Make Videos:

While videos have always been an essential aspect of marketing the platform for this medium is continually growing! YouTube generates massive amounts of traffic and leaves room for plenty of businesses to use it as an advertising medium. Facebook has also become a popular site for live video streaming and has started to prioritize video content above other forms.

The rise of Chatbots:

You know the pop-up window that can appear on certain websites, offering the chance to talk directly with an employee? Well, don’t expect those to disappear. This system of engagement is making its way across business websites, and soon it will be possible to have more complex transactions with these chatbots. Getting such an instant response is becoming an expectation for consumer spending and is a useful tool for industries to utilize.

Unlocking the ‘dark areas’ of Social Media:

Big Brother might not always be watching, but it would be a significant step for advertisers. Information stored behind privacy settings for messaging apps and social media networks are a playground for industries and advertisers to get a sense of what people want. Some believe there should be a balance between users and investors so that the data on these sites can be looked at more. Could this be the start of a new style of business for corporations? Maybe.

Ways to search are evolving:

Voice search for devices like the Google app and Amazon echo is a growing development and could be the latest game changer for business. Keeping an eye on how search styles are changing is beneficial. This past October, Google revealed their most recent product called Google Lens, which would allow someone to just show the camera on your phone a picture of something and Google’s search engine will begin looking up text and images related to the image. With this type of technology at our disposal, it is only a matter of time before media networks take on a whole new form of advertising.


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