Embrace the Digital World by Embracing Your Digital Marketing Agency

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Digital Marketing Agencies are on the rise and for a good reason. Digital Marketing agencies help marketers revamp or build websites, run marketing campaigns, construct social media strategies, and help with digital tool selection. In a digital age, they’re vital to the success of a company, but not every company that uses a digital marketing agency is getting the most out of it. To get the most out of an agency, a relationship must be built between marketers and members of the agency. Transparency, open feedback, and treating the agency as a partner are the keys to the best results. You can build this relationship with just a few moves.

Respond Quickly

Responsiveness is essential to public relations and social media agencies because they must react quickly to current news events, fast approaching deadlines, and things trending on social media. A failure to join the conversation quickly hurts the digital marketing agency and your company.

Accept Feedback

It may surprise you, but a digital marketing partner may end up teaching you some things.  They may be able to tell you what your competitors are doing and how you can get the upper hand, or they may be able to tell you about campaigns they’ve seen other companies use that were highly successful.

Make Sure They Understand the Technology

To be on top of marketing trends and have the best marketing campaign, your agency must know how to use the latest tools. Mary Ellen Dugan, chief marketing officer for WP Engine, said, “Not only does your digital agency need to deliver creative, breakthrough campaigns but it’s vital they excel at the science of digital — the marketing tech and analytics — as well. As the landscape continues to expand and evolve, the need to leverage technology that allows rapid prototyping, agility, communication, collaboration, and measurement is essential for success.”

Make Your Expectations Known

For your agency to work effectively, it must know how its campaign affects company goals. To make sure you’re on the same page you should hire agencies that match your business philosophies and openly communicate with the agency you choose.


Before hiring an agency do your research and see if they’re the type of people, you want to work with. Are they successful? What do they value? A great way to do research is to visit the office and get a feel for their unique work atmosphere.

Be Honest

Transparency in every aspect of the marketing process is key. If you let them, your digital marketing agency can help support all your marketing programs, but they have to know about the traditional marketing side of the company to do this. Digital advertising agencies also need to understand how your business and products work.

Make Them a Partner

Marketers are experts in their industry, so trust them and treat them as an equal. Quite honestly, you may never understand marketing as much as the marketer, and if you’ve done your research, you should be able to confidently delegate to the agency.

Evaluate the Agency

Finally, ask yourself if the agency is working for you. Are they responsive? Is your business a priority? Do they know how to respond to digital Fire?

Getting the most out of the digital marketing agency can lead to significantly higher brand awareness and conversion rate, so embrace your agency and let them work for you.


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