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Last week was Techstars’ Tampa Bay Startup Week at the Tampa Theater.  This five-day event includes networking sessions, hands-on training, a pitch competition, and a local start-up showcase.  The event is led by and built for entrepreneurs, and includes information on everything from digital marketing and advertising to fashion and style. To kick off the […]

Marketing trends seem to change on a daily basis, with new tactics like influencer marketing, brand advocates, and Facebook Live growing faster than ever this year. But, the fact remains that when it comes to marketing, everyone is doing it. The hard part is ensuring that your company is doing it well and that your […]

One CEO told HuffPost how his company has helped increase companies’ access to banner ads, contributing to the continued relevance of banner ads in internet marketing. Gabriel Ciordas has been leading the team at Bannersnack, a professional banner creation app for designers and marketers, in their quest to create attractive, engaging, and interactive banner ads. […]

Millennials have been known to defy standards of previous generations, and their responses to traditional advertising techniques are no exception. Thrillist Media and other successful digital marketers shed some light on how to advertise to an “anti-advertising” generation. A lot of publishers think that content begins and ends on the screen, but to us it […]